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Refining New Zealand Industrial Cleaning

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  • Refining New Zealand Industrial Cleaning
    Marsden Point, New Zealand

    In 2014 SRG Global was awarded a 5 year maintenance contract with Refining NZ (RNZ) to provide a range of services including coatings, refractory, labouring and industrial cleaning.

    A significant part of our maintenance contract was to provide industrial cleaning services to RNZ’s storage tanks and process equipment. This typically involved cleaning two or more 30m diameter plus tanks annually, containing a range of products from heavy crudes to light refined products.

    SRG Global called on the experience of its staff and knowledge from past cleaning works to determine the most appropriate means of cleaning each tank. Methods used ranged from:

    Industrial cleaning works can be hazardous if they are not managed correctly. SRG Global has robust processes for managing hazards introduced by our plant and methodology and every effort was made to avoid man entry into confined spaces for cleaning.

    Safety data sheets were reviewed and tank product samples taken to determine the required personal protective equipment measures required. Atmospheric monitoring and volatile organic compound (VOC) testing was also carried out continuously and urine testing (baseline and progressive) was undertaken if harmful measurable substances were present.

    Wherever possible hydrocarbon product was recovered during the cleaning operation for reintroduction into the process, thereby recovering the value from the hydrocarbon sludge and reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.