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Glenbrook Steel Mill Rotary Kiln Relining Contract

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  • Glenbrook Steel Mill Rotary Kiln Relining Contract
    Glenbrook Steel Mill, New Zealand

    Bluescope Steel undertakes programmed maintenance shutdowns on each of its four Rotary Kilns. On a ‘staged basis’ SRG Global typically perform 2 programmed shutdowns per year whereby each kiln is inspected and areas of degraded refractory brick lining are identified for breakout and replacement.

    Generally this would involve replacement of a 25 – 30m section of the 4.6m diameter Kiln and casting of the Dam Section. Work associated with shutdowns often extends to the specialist breakout and reinstallation of ‘gun-sprayed’ refractory in other plant items associated with the Kiln.

    Staging of these shutdowns involves the management of a day and nightshift crew (work continues 24 hours/day) including approximately 6 skilled supervisors overseeing 30 refractory tradesmen/bricklayers and 30 Labourers.

    SRG Global has been performing these shutdowns for some 30 years now (under this and previous contracts) and the methodologies developed over this time have decreased the length of the shutdown by 30-50%.

    These methodologies account for concurrent work activities within the kiln requiring a high level of supervision and planning all while maintaining the highest standards of health

    and safety management. The use of specialist equipment developed by SRG Global has been important in eliminating traditionally-accepted hazardous practices.