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Methanex Waitara Valley Reformer Reline

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  • Methanex Waitara Valley Reformer Reline
    Waitara Valley, Taranaki, New Zealand

    SRG Global’s Refractory Services division has been engaged by Methanex NZ since 1987 to perform refractory construction, commissioning, and shutdown maintenance over the life of its production facilities.

    In October 2018, the Refractory Services division was engaged by Methanex NZ to undertake a partial reline of their Methanol reformer at one of the two Methanol production plants in Taranaki, NZ. The Waitara Valley reformer unit required 50% of the refractory material to be removed, followed by the installation of over over 5,000 ceramic fibre modules and 45,000 insulation brick.

    The significant scope of work and tight duration required employing over 140 refractory tradesmen rostered on two x 10.5hr shifts, six days per week.

    The nature of the reformer environment required confined space restrictions to be in place and installers utilised powered respiratory protection to protect against the potentially hazardous conditions within the unit. The Refractory Services division was chosen for this work due to its experience, professionalism, technical capability, and client confidence in our ability to complete the reline within the tight timeframe. The remainder of the reformer refractory is planned to be relined in 2020.