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Glenbrook Steel Mill Refractory Maintenance Contract

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  • Glenbrook Steel Mill Refractory Maintenance
    Glenbrook Steel Mill, New Zealand

    SRG Global has been engaged by Bluescope Steel to undertake services within this current contract since 1992, with the formal commencement under this specific contract being 2009. The scope of work allows for SRG Global to apply specialist refractory expertise to provide general maintenance services to the Steel Plant Division of the mill.

    Specifically this involves the daily full time presence of approximately five refractory tradesmen/bricklayers and 4 labourers who routinely break-out old refractory from, and install (bricking) new refractory to ‘hot metal’ and ‘casting’ ladles. Work under this contract also includes the installation of slag and metal tapholes to the Electric Arc Furnace as well as the spraying of sacrificial linings to Tundishes and Launders. Through this contract, SRG Global is regularly called upon to provide general refractory maintenance services to other areas of the mill as required.

    In early 2014, SRG Global staff on this contract received a message of commendation from Bluescope Refractory Engineers for the high levels of health and safety performance exhibited that lead to an internal Bluescope award to the refractory division.